April 24 & 25, 2018, ZURICH, SWITZERLAND

3rd DIGITAL ECONOMIC FORUM 2017 - #DEF17 - It’s about much more than Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0, Big Data and FinTech!

Risk- & Security Management - CYBERCRIME & CYBERSECURITY

3rd Digital Economic Forum 2017 - #DEF17

It’s about much more than Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0, Big Data and FinTech!

Rapidly progressing and unstoppable, digitalization is having an enormous impact on society and conventional areas of life. And the debate is not limited to economic issues such as Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0, Big Data or FinTech, but is expanding steadily and at a brisk pace to encompass all aspects of society. The Digital Economic Forum (DEF) in Zurich sees itself as an integrated platform for discussion on digitalization and is also asking how society is developing and how far, for instance, the much-needed political debate is lagging behind.

The development has gained a global momentum of its own and the possibilities are impossible to predict. Innovative providers of digital services are introducing, almost by the hour, new aspects reaching all areas of our lives into the digital game. In the umbrella strategy "Digital Switzerland", published this April, the Swiss cabinet expresses the wish that Switzerland should seize the opportunities digitalization presents in all spheres of life. But as is customary in Swiss politics, analyses are being conducted, examined, summarized and a need for action evaluated. By the time all departments, political parties and internal and external specialists get their teeth into a draft, economic and socio-political reality might well have vanished beyond the horizon, its impacts already an immutable part of daily life.

The Digital Economic Forum, held in May 2017 for the third time, is putting the spotlight not only on the technological but also on the socio-political issues with the opportunities and risks of digitalization. Digital issues have grown from being a matter for the experts just a few years ago into a global reality. The world over, economic and social organizations that pride themselves as having their fingers on the pulse of current developments are organizing conferences, meetings and studies that warn of job losses, loss of privacy in the face of Big Data, an undiscerning approach to communication and political radicalisation in a stormy sea of apps, information technologies and robotics. The Digital Economic Forum will attempt to provide a basis for assessment and stimulate the debate about the existing opportunities and risks, so that the Swiss population and economy can take the appropriate measures needed to master this social change.